Prof. Dr. Helena Vieira, President and CEO, BIOALVO S.A., Lisbon, Portugal;

(BIOALVO was member of the consortium only in the first project period)

General description: BIOALVO is a Portuguese biotech company, founded in 2006, dedicated to
providing fully-integrated biotech solutions to maximize natural products market applications.
BIOALVO owns a large and ever-expanding natural extract library, holding unique extracts derived
mostly from a diverse array of microorganism that can be industrially produced by laboratorial
sustainable culturing methods. This collection is expected to reach 100.000 extracts, at the end of
2012, including a variety of exquisite sources, ranging from deep sea vents in the Azores, or secret
diving spots of Portugal’s Ministry of Defense, to some mainland ecosystems. In addition,
BIOALVO offers a simple, customizable, quick and fully integrated cell-based robotized unit
designed for screening and evaluating extract bioactivity for partners who wish to take advantage
of BIOALVO’s one-stop-shop organization to speed up their product development.

Expertise: BIOALVO has a long and successful track record in bioactive discovery and
development, from artificial and natural sources, both in pharma and cosmetic industries. Our
natural extracts collections are used for internal R&D projects, resorting to the in-house cell-based
robotized facility and are also made available to partners through licensing deals or joint R&D
consortia that explore the potential of these collections to their chosen field of application.