Biotrend S.A.

Dr. Bruno Sommer Ferreira; Biotrend S.A., Cantanhede, Portugal;

General description: Founded in 2000, Biotrend is a bioprocess development company,
particularly focused on processes for the production of products that usually require multistep
chemical production and that Biotrend is able to produce in one fermentation step. Clients of
Biotrend range from start-up companies that do not have bioprocessing know-how and
infrastructure in-house to large chemical or pulp and paper companies that are exploring the
opportunities of industrial biotechnology and of the use of renewable raw materials, including
industrial by-products, to create value. Additionally, Biotrend invests in internal projects to create its
own IP portfolio. One example is a novel bioprocesses for the production of natural beta-carotene
with high purity and 100% pro-vitamin A potency, using naturally occurring microorganisms, with
competitive advantages over alternative natural beta-carotene production processes.

Expertise: The main expertise of Biotrend is the transition of bioprocesses developed at lab scale
to bioprocesses that can be implemented in production scale. We are experienced in the
development of processes based on a wide range of systems, mostly naturally occurring bacterial
strains and yeasts, but also recombinant microbial cells for the production of biomass, primary and
secondary metabolites, biopolymers and recombinant proteins. Further, we have wide experience
on the design of biotransformation systems using enzymes and whole cells. Additionally, we have
developed a process-oriented HTP screening platform which provides multiplexed assays that
allow the screening of process conditions once the specific activity of interest has been identified.