Galapagos NV / Fidelta Ltd.

Prof. Dr. Vesna Erakovic Haber, VP Biology; Fidelta Ltd., Zagreb, Croatia; member of
Galapagos group. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;

General description: Fidelta Ltd. / Galapagos Research Center Ltd. (GALAPAGOS) is a small-to-medium size
biotechnology company specialized in the discovery of novel therapies. The Zagreb (Croatia)-
based company was originally the research center of PLIVA, a leading mid-size central European
pharmaceutical company best known for the discovery of the blockbuster antibiotic, azithromycin.
In 2005 the PLIVA Research Center was acquired by GSK, and became one of GSK’s eight
Centers of Excellence in Drug Discovery, with a specific focus on macrolides. As part of GSK’s restructuring
strategy, the site was divested to the Galapagos group in late 2010.
GALAPAGOS employs a staff of 140 people, including approximately 120 scientists (50% with PhD
degree) with over 10 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, on average.

Expertise: GALAPAGOS-Fidelta has internal expertise and capability for running fully integrated research
projects from early stages of drug discovery (hit finding) to proof of concept in man, gained through
the discovery and successful progression of a number of preclinical and clinical drug candidates.
The multidisciplinary team consisting of chemists (including scientists specialized in molecular
modelling and scale-up), biologists and several medical doctors, has a long-standing track-record
in the areas of infection and inflammation, and significant experience in the field of respiratory,
gastrointestinal and dermatologic diseases. In addition, the group has been involved in projects
across several other therapeutic areas including oncology, cardiovascular, neurology etc.