ManRos Therapeutics

Dr. Laurent Meijer; ManRos Therapeutics, Roscoff, France;

General description: The biotechnology company ManRos Therapeutics was founded in 2007 by
L. Meijer (CNRS research director at the Roscoff Biological Station, now President and CSO) and
H. Galons (Prof. of Chemistry at the Univ. Paris-Descartes). This start-up, initiated in the academic
world, aims to bring new molecules into clinical trials and on the market for the treatment of various
pathologies currently without any effective drugs. Three groups of illnesses are covered: polycystic
kidney disease, various cancers and neurodegenerative diseases. Among the 200 types of cancers
that affect humans, ManRos is interested in chronic lymphocytic leukemia, the most serious forms
of neuroblastoma, some forms of breast cancer and ovarian cancer and gliomas. Finally, among
neurodegenerative diseases, ManRos focuses on Alzheimer's disease. ManRos has identified,
optimized and characterized new low molecular weight compounds derived from or inspired by
natural substances produced by living organisms, particularly marine animals. These compounds
have yet to undergo numerous preclinical studies, and extensive evaluations of pharmacology and
toxicity before they can obtain permission for clinical trials. ManRos comprises a molecular &
cellular biology team, an organic chemistry team and an administrative team.

Expertise: Development of pharmacological inhibitors of kinases and their therapeutic uses.