Matis OHF

Dr. Ragnar Johannsson, Reykjavík Iceland,

General description: Matis is a dynamic nonprofit R&D company, which offers services for thefood and biotechnology industry in Iceland. Matis has an annual turnover of 7 million Euros andabout 100 employees, food scientists, chemists, biochemists, molecular biologists, engineers andfisheries scientists.

Expertise: Matis scientists are experts in environmental genomics and have sequenced 15bacterial and 8 viral genomes, participated in many EU projects and done R&D collaboration andcontracts research work for world leading companies, such as Roquette, Nestlé and Codexis-JFC.Matis has over 15 year experience in R&D on fish farming, RAS system design and testing forseawater invertebrates such as abalone and seacucumbers, designing seawater research farm atHolar University, as well as a quarantine farm for import of both freshwater and seawater fish andinvertebrates.