Prokazyme ehf

Dr. Jakob K. Kristjansson; Prokazyme ehf, Reykjavik, Iceland;

General description: Prokazyme was formed in 2006 as a spin-off from Prokaria. It is a fully
owned subsidiary of the private VC Arkea ehf Prokazyme sells novel thermostable enzymes for
research, diagnostic and industrial testing purposes on the internet. Prokazyme´s current business
assets include own products on market, IP, internet shop, as well as license and distribution
agreements with respected companies in the molecular reagents business. Our unique enzymes
are protected by trademarks and patents, including issued US and European patents. Prokazyme
does not run own laboratories but contracts its R&D, enzyme production and QC from Matis ohf.
Prokazyme has only two permanent employees and focuses on product sales via internet and on
assets management by selling IP, licenses and marketing rights to its know-how and IP.

Expertise: Dr. Jakob Kristjánsson has a long experience in the search for novel genes from
thermophiles, in particular heat-tolerant (thermophilic) bacteria isolated from geothermal resources,
and in the development of thermostable proteins which have a wide range of applications in
diagnostics, food industry, agriculture and pharmaceuticals industry.