Sæbýli ehf

Mr. Asgeir Gudnason; CEO, Sæbýli ehf, Eyrarbakki, Iceland; http://www.saebyli.is/english

General description: Saebyli ehf was founded 2008 and is based on the 20 year experience of
Mr. Gudnasons experience in invertebrate production systems. He has been founder of company
producing abalone 1993 and joined another Haliotis ehf producing abalone juveniles 2002. During
these years the Sustain Cycle system has been developed where the culture conditions are
favourable for invertebrate larvae and for on-growing of invertebrates. The SME has succeeded to
find partners which are interested in the application of the technology and runs several research
projects on system development and on feed development for invertebrates. The company has set
up system of total 66 m3 rearing space for invertebrates, mainly abalone (Haliotis discus hannai)
and sea cucumbers (Stichopus japanicus).

Expertise: One main focus of the company is the development of a system for invertebrate
hatching, growing settling larvae and on-growing fully developed individuals. The main focus is the
development of systems which can be scaled up to industrial production scale and minimizing
labour costs and investment cost.