Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II – NeaNAT Group

Prof. Dr. Alfonso Mangoni; Dipartimento di Chimica delle Sostanze Naturali, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II,
Napoli, Italy; http://www.neanat.unina.it

General description: NeaNAT is a multidisciplinary research group founded and still supervised
by Professor Ernesto Fattorusso. The group has been active for over 40 years in the isolation and
identification of natural products of marine origin. Along the years, the group has expanded this
core activity to the study of the biological and pharmacological activity of the isolated compounds
and of their biosynthesis. In addition, experts in computer aided drug design have joined the group.
Thanks the NatPharma contract (REGPOT-2008-1), the NeaNAT has recently gained further competence
for genetic studies on biosynthesis of natural products and quantum-mechanical computational

Expertise: All NeaNAT members possess a well-established expertise in the isolation and structure
elucidation of natural products, developed in the frame of a continuing research directed to the
discovery and development of new drugs from natural sources. Other skills of the group are:
chemical modification (preparation of semisynthetic derivatives) of natural products, study of the
biosynthethic genes of natural products from micro-organism for the biotechnological production of
bioactive compounds, use of computational techniques for target selection, design of innovative
drugs, and investigation of structure-function relationships. The group is internationally well known
at the academic level.