Universitätsmedizin der J. Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Prof. Dr. Werner E. G. Müller (Coordinator); Institute for Physiological Chemistry, University Medical Center of the J. Gutenberg University Mainz, Mainz, Germany http://www.uni-mainz.de/FB/Medizin/PhysiolChemie/physiol/molekular/




General description: The group of W.E.G. Müller (WEGM) at the University Medical Center is in the lead within the University of Mainz (30,000 students) with respect to an internal ranking of research grants. WEGM is experienced in coordination of EU projects. He is coordinator of the German Center of Excellence on Marine Molecular Biotechnology, BIOTEC-MARIN and holder of an ERC Advanced Grant (no 268476) on biosilica.

Expertise: WEGM has long-term experience in the molecular biology of marine invertebrates, in particular sponges and associated microorganisms, as well as in bioprospecting. His team is world-wide leading in the area of biomineralization in sponges. His studies have been published in numerous scientific journals. The group has pronounced expertise in the Mediterranean invertebrate ecosystems..