University of St. Andrews

Dr. Rebecca J.M. Goss; University of St. Andrews; St. Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom;

General description: The realtively young group of R. J. M. Goss (RJMG) at the University of St. Andrews has already established international reputation for studies in elucidating and harnessing the biosynthesis of medicinally relevent natural products.
RJMG has already independently won over 20 research grants totalling almost 3M Euro, as well as
being a collaborative partner on a 1.5M Euro Interreg award for an advanced organic synthesis
network.Goss’ research has recently been recognised through various highlights in ACS C&EN
News and RSc Chemistry world as well as through numerous invitations to give research seminars.
Since starting independent research at UEA Goss has delivered ~60 research seminars at
departments and conferences around the world.

Expertise: Goss has a strong background in synthetic organic chemistry, molecular biology and
natural product and medicinal chemistry; her research group has expertise spanning these