Uppsala University

Prof. Dr. Lars Bohlin; Div. of Pharmacognosy, Dept. of Medicinal Chemistry, Uppsala University,
Uppsala, Sweden; http://www.fkog.uu.se

General description: The overall aim of our research is directed at the biological and chemical
diversity found in Nature to reveal unexpected insights into fundamental biological mechanisms,
and also more immediate pharmaceutical or biotechnological possibilities. For example, we aim to
refine integrated ways to study biological systems and their components which is pursued with
focus on infectious pathogens of both eukaryote and prokaryote origin. With this prospect we have
developed our capacity and resources in chemistry and molecular biology. Novel instrumentation
(including nano-LC-MS, MultiNA, peptide synthesis, PCR), informatic tools (ChemGPS-NP, sPyPy)
as well as new class-II facilities to cultivate both parasitic eukaryotes and multi-resistant bacteria,
enable us unique possibilities to address questions in the research front, and in depth understand
the activity of naturally occurring defence peptides as well as the origin of the eukaryote proteome.
This knowledge is employed to identify potential drug targets in infectious parasites and bacteria –
and to predict, detect, and select compounds to challenge these.

Expertise: The group is among the leaders in the international research on natural products. L.B.
has a long experience in management of research projects and national/international team work.