BlueGenics Workshop, 2013, Paris

This workshop and project meeting was held from 8th – 9th July 2013 in Paris and was organized by MNHN. Each presentation consisted of a section focusing on the workshop topic and a section focusing on the progress of the individual project.


Workshop title: “Methods and techniques in marine bioproduct development”



Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle

63 rue Buffon

75005 Paris



Local organizer:

Dr. Marie-Lise Bourguet-Kondracki


Coordinating group:

Institute for Physiological Chemistry

University Medical Center of the

Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz


Objective for the workshop:

The members of the BlueGenics consortium are coming from a variety of disciplines including molecular biology and biotechnology (UMC-Mainz), phar­macology (ManRos), recombinant protein technology (NANOTEC), invertebrate farming (SAEBYLI), thermo­stable enzymes (PROKAZYME), drug development (GALAPAGOS), bioprocess development (BIOTREND), environmental genomics (MATIS), structure elucidation of natural products (UNINA), chemogenetics (USTAN), metagenomics and polyketide clusters (ETH-Zurich), sponge-bacteria interaction (MNHN), bio­active peptides (UU), chemoecology (RBI), and physicochemical characterization of biomaterials (NRCGA-CAGS). Moreover, they comprise both partners from universities/research organisations and partners from commercial enterprises. Therefore, it was important to demonstrate the different methods and techniques used by the different partner groups of this multidisciplinary consortium to the other partners who are not familiar with them. Therefore it was important to organize a workshop that helped the partners to learn and to understand the different methods and techniques used within the consortium, in order to facilitate the cooperation between the partner laboratories and to increase the efficiency of the project. This was the main objective to hold this “methods” workshop during the initial phase of this project.



Werner E. G. Müller (UMC-Mainz)

Helena Vieira (BIOALVO)

Ana Rodrigues Martins (BIOALVO)

Heinz C. Schröder (NANOTEC)

Lidija Herceg Harjacek (GALAPAGOS)

Bruno Sommer Ferreira (BIOTREND)

Ragnar Jóhannsson (MATIS)

Viggo Thor Marteinsson (MATIS)

René Groben (MATIS)

Alfonso Mangoni (UNINA)

Orazio Tagliatela-Scafati (UNINA)

Sabine Grüschow (UEA)

Jörn Piel (RFWUB)

Maximilian Helf (RFWUB)

Marie-Lise Bourguet-Kondracki (MNHN)

Arlette Longeon (MNHN)

Lars Bohlin (UU)

Anders Backlund (UU)

Renato Batel (RBI)

Bojan Hamer (RBI)

Emina Durmiši (RBI)

Xiaohong Wang (NRCGA-CAGS)

Ivana Matic (ATH; Subcontractor)


Impact of the workshop:

This workshop turned out to be of high value for all partner groups. It allowed them to estimate the experimental possibilities at the different partner laboratories as well as the time frame of the various experiments planned in this project in a more realistic way. This workshop also stimulated the partners to develop new additional ideas that are of high scientific and/or commercial interest but not foreseen in the original working plan. For example, new drug target sites could be elucidated, for example for anti-osteoporotic compounds, which significantly can improve the impact of this project, or the combination of marine bioactive compounds with electrospun polymer nets that can be used for wound healing applications.