9th European Marine Natural Products Conference and pre-conference workshop, 2015, Glasgow

The 9th European Marine Natural Products Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, 30th August – 2nd September 2015 has been organized as the main common dissemination and communication of the three EU consortia, BlueGenics, SeaBioTech and PharmaSea. The BlueGenics partners, W.E.G. Müller (UMC-Mainz) and H.C. Schröder (NANOTEC) were members of the Scientific Committee of this Conference.

This Conferences was associated with a Pre Conference Workshop, organized by the three consortia. The BlueGenics partners involved in this Pre Conference Workshop were Marie-Lise Bourguet-Kondracki (MNHM) and H.C. Schröder (NANOTEC). They gave two special teaching units / sessions in this Workshop. 

The programme is shown in the following. 

ECMNP 2015: Free-of-charge workshop 



The aim of the pre-conference workshop on 30.08.2015 was to exchange methodologies in an interactive way. The four sessions were chaired by experts from the EU-projects Seabiotech, PharmaSea, Macumba, BlueGenics and MicroB3. 

Agenda of the workshop:

– 09:30-09:50 Registration

– 09:50-10:00 Opening Remarks, Dr. Rainer Ebel (PharmaSea, Aberdeen, UK)

Session 1: Genomic Databases (MicroB3)

– 10:00-10:20 „3DM systems: protein superfamily data integration“, Dr. Tom van den Bergh (Micro B3, Bio-Prodict BV The Netherlands)

Session 2: Culture Management (MaCuMBa and Bluegenics)

– 10:20-10:40 „Sponge-microbe associations: from biology to pharmacology and chemical ecology“, Prof. Marie-Lise Bourguet-Kondracki (Bluegenics , MNHM, Paris, France)

– 10:40-10:50 „Uncovering the diversity of marine microbes using cultivation-dependent strategies“, Dr. Silvia Cretoiu (MaCuMBA, NIOZ, The Netherlands)

– 10:50-11:00 „Hight-throughput cultivation and chemotaxis“, Dr. Cendrella Lepleux (MaCuMBA, DSMZ, Germany)

– 11:00-11:10 „Anti-microbial and Anti-inflammatory screening of marine extracts“, Mrs. Birgit Kreiseder (MaCuMBA, SeaLifePharma, Austria)

– 11:10-11: 25 Coffee break

Session 3: Dereplication and Chemical Databases (PharmaSea and SeaBioTech)

– 11:25-11: 45 „An automated software approach to the identification and characterization of new and novel pharmacologically active compounds in biological samples“, Dr. David Hardy (PharmaSea, ACD Laboratories)

– 11:45-11:55 „Metabolomic Profiling and Dereplication“, Dr. Lynsey MacIntyre (SeaBioTech, SIPBS, UK)

– 11:55-12:05 „Comparative metabolomics of microbial metabolites using molecular networking“, Dr. Katherine Duncan (SeaBioTech, SAMS, UK)

Session 4: Bioprocessing and Biopolymers (Bluegenics and SeaBiotech)

– 12:05-12:25 „Marine biopolymers and biomedical applications“, Prof Heinz-Christoph Schroeder (Bluegenics , University Mainz, Germany)

– 12:25-12:35 „Bioprocessing Challenges of Marine Microbes“ , Dr. Christina Viegelmann (SeaBioTech, SIPBS, UK)

– 12:35-12:45 „Application of Marine Biotechnology in Salmon Farming“, Dr. Christer Wiik-Nielsen (SeaBioTech, Pharmaq, Norway)

– 12:45-13:30: Lunch

– 13:30-13:45 „Marie Curie Fellowships for PostDocs: Do’s and Don’ts“, Dr. Johanna B. Wesnigk (Micro B3, EMPA Bremen)

Session 5: Q&A Brainstorming/Panel Discussion (Parallel Sessions)

– 13:45-14:30 Parallel Sessions 1: „Genomic Databases“ and „Culture Management“, Chairs: Dr. Tom van den Bergh/ Prof Marie-Lise Bourguet-Kondracki

– 14:30-15:15 Parallel Session 2: „Dereplication and Chemical Databases“ and „Bioprocessing and Biopolymers“, Chairs: Dr. David Hardy and Prof. Heinz-Christoph Schroeder

– 15:15-15:30 Coffee break

Session 6: Young Scientist’s Session Report

– 15:30-15:40 Parallel Session 1, Dr. Silvia Cretoiu

– 15:40-15:50 Parallel Session 2, Dr. Katherine Duncan

– 15:50-16:00 Closing Remarks