BlueGenics Workshop II, 2015, Lisbon

This workshop and project meeting was held from 8th – 9th April 2015 in Lisbon and was organized by BIOTREND.  

Workshop title: Innovation in marine molecular biotechnology 


 Workshop participants.


Objective for the workshop:

The objective of this workshop was to discuss with the participants the role of innovation in marine biotechnology and marine drug development. This topic included both the development of innovative methods for screening, discovery, isolation, and characterization of marine derived products, as well as the discovery and application of innovative target sites for both (low molecular weight) marine drugs and (high molecular weight) marine molecules such as marine derived recombinant proteins, as well as inorganic marine polymers. In all these fields, the consortium has achieved great success in the past, and within this project, for example with the discovery of new trans-AT-PKS gene clusters, new marine drug candidates like the Leucettines, inorganic biopolymers acting in a synergistic way with other marine products, novel methods in chemogenetics etc. But “innovation” is more: Innovative products do not only need to be introduced into the market bit they must also be accepted in the market, and these challenging tasks should be discussed with the participants in the frame of this workshop     

List of participants: 

Adrea Backlund (UU

Lars Bohlin (UU)

Ulf Göransson (UU)

Marie-Lise Bourguet-Kondracki (MNHN)

Bruno Sommer Ferreira (BIOTREND)

René Groben (MATIS)

Sabine Grüschow (USTAN)

Lucas Vaguedo de Franca (BIOTREND)

Vesna Erakovic Haber (Fidelta

Eric Helfrich (ETH Zurich

Alfonso Mangoni (UNINA)

Viggo Thor Marteinsson (MATIS)

Laurent Meijer (ManRos)

Roy Meoded (ETH Zurich)

Werner E.G. Müller (UMC-Mainz)

Marco Persico (UNINA)

Dinko Relkovic (Fidelta)

Heinz C. Schröder (NANOTEC)

Edward Spence (USTAN)

Anna Trautwein (UMC-Mainz)

Xiaohong Wang (NRCGA-CAGS)

Expert opinion:

The presentations given by the partners attending this Workshop were commented by the following experts:

     - Lars Bohlin (UU)

     - Marie-Lise Bourguet-Kondracki (MNHN)

     - Bruno Sommer Ferreira (BIOTREND)

     - Vesna Erakovic Haber (Fidelta

     - Alfonso Mangoni (UNINA)

     - Laurent Meijer (ManRos)

     - Werner E.G. Müller (UMC-Mainz)

Impact of the workshop:

The impact of this workshop was several-fold:

1. It allowed the participants to obtain a more market-oriented view of their scientific achievements  

2. It helped them to understand which results are real innovations, and which results are (only) discoveries or inventions which could be patented but are unlikely to achieve a real market position. 

3. It allowed them to understand that innovation not only includes commercializable drugs or other molecules (e.g. recombinant proteins) but also novel methods/techniques that can be used for the discovery, isolation, characterization or production of these compounds.

4. The term innovation was understood in a more clear way, also with respect to the importance of innovation in the new EU Horizon programmes.

5. The important role of interdisciplinary cooperation in the development of new, innovative products could be emphasized.

6. The focus on a few innovative products in the final phase of the project turned out to be more important than the discovery and elucidation of mode of action of a broad range of products with many of them have no real chance in the market.

Therefore this workshop was very helpful for the further planning of the exploitation of the project results, also after the end of this project. 

 The programme of the workshop is given below.