BlueGenics Dissemination Events in Guangzhou, China, 2016

The BlueGenics coordinator, W.E.G. Müller, performed a Dissemination event in Guangzhou, China, where they presented the products, developed by these partners as well as the SME partner NanotecMARIN GmbH to an audience consisting of industrial researchers, researchers from academia and potential customers (within the period 17.04.-23.04.2016). The topics included among others: Bioactive molecules for treatment of osteoporosis and therapy of bone fractures in osteoporosis patients (polyphosphates, amorphous microparticles prepared from polyphosphates and various divalent cations), as well as electrospun mats containing bioactive molecules (calcium polyphosphates and retinoids) for preparation of wound dressings. About 40 researchers from academia, hospitals and industry, as well as young researchers participated in this event.  






Dissemination Event in Guangzhou, China 2016. Presentation of the results of BlueGenics project by W.E.G. Müller (UMC-Mainz).